Aqua Pearl Blast – Bubble Pop Game

Aqua Pearl Blast – One of the best bubble pop games on Android! Pop as many game bubble pearls as you can and show your friends who is the best in this balloon pop game!

-= HIGHLIGHTS of Aqua Pearl Blast – Poke n Pop =-
• Neat, addictive and very easy to learn bubble pop game
• Fast-paced game bubble buster, innovative new game kids and adults will love
• Diamond-Mode: tap the sparkling bubble pearls to burst all same-colored ones with one touch, one blow
• Wicked powerups to blast even more game bubbles
• Cute snes games visuals

-=POWERUPS in Aqua Pearl Blast – Poke n Pop=-
• Time Bonus: Tap the Time Bonus when it appears and add 3 seconds to your remaining time
• Bolt Bonus: Tap the Bolt Bonus when you see it and activate a laser beam / laser bolt to zap, shock and burst the surrounding bubble pearls
• more will be added soon, please rate the game and tell me which powerups you would like to see next in this bubble pop game! Thank you!

-=BASIC RULES of Aqua Pearl Blast – Poke n Pop=-
1. Tap the bubble pearls with the same color in a row and make them explode (simple one touch game)
2. Make no mistakes and reach and bubble blitz mode
3. While bubble blitz mode is active, tap the sparkling bubble-pearls and destroy all of the same-colored ones with one touch (gold bubble, red bubble etc.)
4. Get extra bubble buster points by leveling up
5. Beat your bubble bust highscore and compete with your friends!